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Write better! Considering your writing from the reader’s perspective.

***This important article talks about writing with the reader in mind – great advice for writers!**

Author: Jim Green

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that you see your writing through the reader’s eyes. You have to work at removing you from the picture entirely to become the person you want to influence.

This is a serious issue that makes or breaks any proposal for publication.

People won’t buy your book just to learn what a clever clogs you are; they want to discover how they can become all they can be within the confines of the topic under discussion. As you write you must be continually reviewing your output to establish its real power.

  • Is it a dialog or a monologue?
  • Is it addressing the WIIFM question on every page?
  • Is it getting its message across in ways that consistently benefit the reader?

Can you do it? Can you become the person you want to influence?

I hope you can.

When you do, you will know that your reasoning is sound; that your text is on target, that you are answering the WIIFM question with authority, and that your book has the potential to aspire to bestseller status.


Break up your text with short sentences, short paragraphs and lots of subheads to create white space. Make it very easy to read. Congested typesetting irritates readers, makes their head hurt and causes them to lose interest.

If they don’t read – you don’t succeed.

Be direct, clear, focused, and keep the words simple.


It’s a strange thing about human nature but if you just assume the position of authority you will invariably find that people give it over to you without resistance. Always write with authority and never back up a statement with a qualifier. Be certain you know everything there is to know about your topic and then write with conviction.

About the Author:

JIM GREEN is a bestselling author in the realms of fiction and non-fiction with 37 traditionally published titles to his bow – and more virtual books in distribution than you could shake a stick at…

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