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Write a book quickly with these 5 ‘content creators’

5 Content Creators To Help Write A Book

Author: Dr Alicejane Lippner

Ready to write your non-fiction book, but you don’t have tons of time to spend gathering content for your book? Relax. I’m here to help you become a book author in 30 days or less. I’ll give you 5 ways to amass content, without spending a lot of time, without doing a lot of writing either. I’ve also included sample titles I’ve written for each method.

(1) Change the Expertise Level: Use your own previously-created book or a competitor’s book as a model, but change the level of expertise. Create a version at a more basic level. Or, develop a book that’s for more experienced users. Position yourself as the expert’s expert with your book by targeting an audience with a high level of expertise.

Adapt one of these titles for your book:
Pick the Brains of the Copywriter’s Copywriter
How the Experts Create Top-Quality New Thingy-Doos
The Experienced Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Technology
The Basics of Using Spreadsheets to Make More Money
Don’t Let MP3 Players Scare You: Tips for New Users
Profit from the Wisdom of Social Bookmarking Experts

(2) Transform a non-print series into a book: Gather the non-print materials you send out to clients, prospects, customers, others in your industry (e.g., CDs, DVDs, audiocassettes, videocassettes). Use the ideas in these materials to help you develop your book.

Transcribe these non-print materials into printed text (in your computer). Combine the content to write a book, adding transitions and comments. Revise your book to improve the flow, remove duplications, achieve consistency, etc.

Then, modify one of these sample titles for your own book:
7 Supermarket Success Stories: Before and After
How to Put Together Customized Computer Systems FAST (with DVD)
The New Consultant’s Kit. All the Forms You’ll Ever Need, Included on CD
ABC Software Upgrade Installation Guide: All Patches from 2000-2009
A-Z of Social Media Marketing for Creating an Online Fortune
Collected Highlights from SMM Newsletter Quarterly Bulletins

(3) Interview successes: Interview successful people in your field, located from industry publications, association membership lists. Learn more about them. Read the articles they’ve written. Visit their websites. Participate in their workshops. Write a book based on the success principles from the interviews.

Try one of these titles mentioning a success focus:
Profiles of 23 Shipping Industry Leaders
11 Principles for Success as a Physician’s Assistant
Solo Practitioner’s Guide to What Top Doctors Do
Success Stories of the Rich and Famous…in Their Own Words
What Competitors WON’T Let You Know About the Plumbing Business
Best Practices from Storage Facility Multimillionaires

(4) Accumulate quotations on a theme: Create a book of quotations on a theme or topic. Start collecting quotations, or solicit quotations from others. Compile them into a book.

Change these sample titles emphasizing quotations into a winner for your book:
Comprehensive Collection of Quotations from Andrew Author
Quotations on Writing: 1000 Famous Last Words
Quotations on Writing: Best-Selling Authors Talk About Writer’s Block
Quotations on Writing: Why All-Time Favorite Authors Keep Writing
Quotations on Writing: Words of Wisdom from Prize-Winning Women Writers
Quotations on the Joy of Writing: Advice for Wanna-Be Writers

(5) Solve an industry problem Choose a topic you’ve read about in an industry publication. Decide how you can solve the problem your target market is complaining about, a need they have—if there’s enough information for a book.

Tweak one of these titles about solving a problem:
Are Your Prepared to Compete with China?
Don’t Get No Respect? How to Build Credibility
Government Regs Are Killing Me! Experts Offer Advice on Coping
How to Manage Stress in the Workplace: Is It Always Bad?
No More Excuses: How to Defeat Procrastination
Common Sense Solutions to Employee Problems

Which of these 5 strategic Content Creators will you use to get content for writing a book? How will you take advantage of the help others can provide? How will you make sure your book gets written as quickly and easily as possible, without overly burdening your resources of time, writing skills, money, people?

About the Author:

How much is your own book worth to your business or professional practice? Alicejane Lippner, doctor-lawyer, author of numerous business books, shows you a wealth of ways to create money making books quickly, easily, painlessly—doing as little or as much writing as you want.

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