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Ebook writing and editing services

So you’ve got a great idea for an ebook – you’d like to put it up online, charge a few bucks for each copy sold and sell a million copies. Brilliant! While it may not be quite that successful, getting an ebook campaign going is a good way to boost a companion business, or make some residual income.
To be successful, however, you’re going to need your ebook to be pretty good. Selling one copy here or there isn’t going to work; you need to get the ‘word of mouth’ factor. How do you do that? First of all, you have to really help people. Think about what you can do for them. Secondly, the manuscript must be clean, clear, easy to read, well-organized and have gripping writing (writing that holds the attention). It must also be formatted like a book; chapter headings, page numbers, clean spacing and margins, table of contents and legal disclaimer.

Moreover, you’re going to need an excellent cover image for online sales – pictures that make your ebook look like a ‘real book’ (this will be of extreme importance in marketing the finished project); outstanding sales copy that will sell your ebook while you sleep; and press releases and online articles.

PaperPerfect has partnered with some fantastic designers and marketers to give you an affordable solution for all your ebook needs.

1) Send your ebook to PaperPerfect for editing: we will improve word choice, sentence structure, style and flow, enhance meaning and content, and also give critical feedback on logic and presentation of ideas. We’ll also fix all errors in spelling and punctuation. We work on every project until it’s perfect and our clients are very happy.

2) For a surcharge of $200, we can

  • format it so it looks professional
  • design an attractive cover for it
  • draft an SEO-optimized press release and website sales copy (summary and chapter overview)
  • write a book ‘teaser’ or synopsis

These ‘extras’ will significantly improve the value of your project, and are fundamental to the success of online sales.

Update! We’ve helped hundreds of authors publish bestsellers, and have moved our book marketing and literary services.


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