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Boost your writing skills with 6 clever tips

Author: German Lopez

Have you ever wanted to get into writing, whether for fun or a hobby, but perhaps debated on trying because you felt you weren’t a great writer? Or have you often questioned yourself about posting something you’ve written only to retract it or never post it to begin with? Do you find this happening more and more to yourself, even though you crave getting into writing?

I’m sure at some point, we’ve all had a feeling of doubt within ourselves, whether with writing, singing, painting, dancing, or any other avenue of creative arts. To some of us, it seems that being creative flows like the waters of the Niagara Falls, and with others, it feels as frustrating as going for a job interview after years of working at one place. But of course, as with anything, if you give up, you’ve already defeated yourself from achieving it to begin with. I’m sure you’ve heard of people that said “Man, I wish I could hit the lottery!” but never play it? How would it be possible to win if you’re not part of it?

The same holds true for writing. The more you do it, the more you’ll excel at it. Of course, there are all kinds of things you can do to shape your writing to where you’ll enjoy it more, and not even doubt on your own skills to write. You’ll also find that it comes to you more the more you try it. Just like riding a bicycle, the more you do it, the less you fall off, and the better you become. With that said, I wanted to share with you, six things you could do that will help you better your writing skills. Grant it, I’m not the best writer alive by any means. But, with confidence, and with learning, I’ve enjoyed to post more and more articles or creative stories or other works.

  1. Go on your First Instinctive Thoughts! Have you ever had the feeling of selecting a choice during an exam, changing it, and finding out you had the right answer to begin with? The same holds true about writing. If you have thoughts that come about, go with them to start. Your mind may be flowing with creativity only to have you turn off the mental faucet in your mind. Don’t shut the water of creativity off. Jot down any ideas that come to mind, or just start writing and fine tune it later on.
  2. Grammar is Important! With so many different tools and research items online now, grammar should not be something that is completely overlooked. You do want the reader to understand what you are writing. Missed periods, commas, and other structural errors can make the reader tire of your article. Make sure that the grammar is decent. I’m not saying to become an English teacher overnight by any means. Some people have the best grammar but not the best expression when writing, and others have better thoughts generated but the grammar is completely poor. You do want it to be substantial to at least have the reader enjoy your reading.
  3. Adjectives, adjectives, adjectives! Description for writing is a wonderful thing. I mean, think about it. Would you prefer to read an article or story that is dull and boring, or something that has more description to it, something with more color or pizazz? When writing, especially with stories, you want to make sure to describe things in colorful detail. After all, this isn’t television, and the reader can only see in their minds what you create with your words. Don’t overdo it though as well. Too much detail can kill a story. You still want the person to envision themselves as being there in your moment.
  4. Get Honest and Constructive Feedback! When you write an article or story, be sure to get constructive feedback on your writing, especially if you’re still unsure of your writing skills. The more feedback you get, the better for you to improve on trouble areas, and to also know your strengths. Be sure not to take the criticism personally, but instead, ask people how they feel you can improve, or what they enjoy most about your articles or stories. You’ll see that with time, you’ll learn more creative techniques, and other things to enhance your writing.
  5. Read your articles or stories to yourself before posting! Before you submit your articles or post your stories online for others to read, be sure to read it to yourself one more time as a proofreading of any typos you may have. You may also find that another thought or two come to mind as you read it back to yourself, and can edit it before you submit it live. This will help you become more confident in your writing and to feel comfortable in submitting it.
  6. Continue to read other articles and stories to enhance your own skills! As you continue to write more and more articles or stories, make sure to also continue to read other articles or stories as well. The more you take in, the more techniques you can use to your advantage, and the more you can enhance your writing skills, and confidence to write.

With the above tips under your belt, and practicing them over and over again, you’ll find that in time, you’ll feel really confident about your writing skills, and more confident to post or submit your articles or stories online for others to read and enjoy. Remember, if you have creative thoughts flowing about you on a regular basis, then you’re already ahead of the game. Hope this article has helped you to feel more confident about writing, and to be ready to post a new article or story as soon as you finish reading. Good luck with your writing pursuits.

About the Author:

Written by German Lopez aka Genycis, creative writer of articles and stories, and founder and creator of the articles and creative writing website, www.UWryte.com. All articles or stories of all topics welcome.


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