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Meet the Online Ghostwriters Your Favorite Celebrities Don’t Want You to Know About!

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Crafting a brilliant literary masterpiece sometimes requires a bit of spectral aid. In other words, a ghostwriter. As a cat mum who runs a rescue shelter, I’ve encountered many unique stories in my day-to-day life worthy of sharing with the world. Despite my passion for these tales, my expertise lies more in caring for furry friends, not in writing.

That’s where ghostwriting services come into play. A ghostwriter can take your ideas, plots, or life experiences and transform them into a beautifully crafted book. To help you navigate the literary shadows, I have compiled a list of some of the best ghostwriting services available, along with a review and comparison of their pricing:

1. Ghostwriting LLC

A reputed agency filled with talented ghostwriters, Ghostwriting LLC can be an excellent choice. Their pricing is flexible and varies based on your book’s needs.

2. Book Writing Inc.

Book Writing Inc. offers several packages depending on the level of assistance you need. They offer everything from straightforward ghostwriting services to full premium packages that include marketing.

3. The Writers For Hire

A comprehensive writing agency that includes ghostwriting services, The Writers For Hire are a professional group. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the project.

4. Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter

Laura is a freelance ghostwriter who specializes in non-fiction. She provides personalized services suitable for memoir writing. Laura requires a free consultation call before revealing her pricing.

5. Ghost Writer Inside

Ghost Writer Inside offers ghostwriting services with the additional commitment of pushing for traditional publishing. Their pricing isn’t fixed and will depend on the specific project.

6. EWritingPal

Offering a quick turnaround for customers, EWritingPal provides a range of services including ghostwriting. Consultation is necessary before they give a price quote.

7. Hot Ghost Writer

Hot Ghost Writer provides writing services across various genres such as business, romance, or fantasy. Their rates start as low as $0.03 per word but can change based on the project’s complexity and deadline.

8. Book Butchers

The Book Butchers offers a hybrid ghostwriting package, where you will give them your rough draft or messy notes and they’ll either clean it up and add 25% new content, or fill in the gaps and write 75% new content. They are experts in bestselling books specifically, so they aren’t cheap, but their ghostwriting services are still less than average given their expertise.

Ghostwriting Costs

You can find someone to write a book for less than a couple grand, but if you want a smash-hit bestseller, you probably want one of those celebrity ghostwriters that will interview you or steer the process; the ballpark figure for a “real” ghostwriter is between $25,000 and $75,000 – so if this is just a personal memoir, you might try some other, cheaper solutions.

For example, there are AI tools like GhosttheWriter or you can try chatGPT – the important thing however is the structure, so make sure you grab these novel writing templates or memoir writing templates first.


Choosing a ghostwriting service boils down to who you trust with your story and possibly your voice. I once considered writing an anecdotal book on my experiences working at an animal rescue shelter. Although I didn’t opt for ghostwriting, the consideration process taught me to review each prospective service’s portfolio, clientele, and pricing transparency carefully. Ultimately, the ghostwriter chosen should be someone who resonates with your storytelling style and can faithfully bring your vision to life on paper’s canvas.


PS here’s another list of the best online ghostwriters for hire.


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