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Best book editing and proofreading services for your novel or memoir

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Here are some of the best professional book editing services, along with a comparison of their pricing and a brief review:

1. Scribendi

Recognized for high-quality work and fast turnaround times, Scribendi offers a range of services from proofreading to heavy editing. Pricing is calculated based on the word count and the desired turnaround time. Expect to pay around $0.016/word for a seven-day editing service.

2. BookBaby

Known for their comprehensive suite of self-publishing services, BookBaby ensures that your manuscript is polished to perfection. Their pricing depends on the length of your manuscript. A book-length manuscript of 40,000 words could cost around $1,200 for a line-editing service.

3. Reedsy

Reedsy prides itself on its network of experienced book editors. Rather than having fixed prices, you’ll receive quotes from individual professionals making it easy to choose an editor within your budget.

4. NY Book Editors

Offering an in-depth and comprehensive editing service, NY Book Editors have an impressive portfolio. However, they’re one of the pricier options available, with costs typically ranging around several thousand dollars.

5. FirstEditing

FirstEditing offers editorial services for authors, scholars, and businesses since 1994. Their prices depend on your chosen turnaround time and word count. For example, you might pay approximately $0.032/word for a full editing service for a 40,000-word book with a turnaround time of five days.

6. Elite Editing

Elite Editing has a range of editing services including developmental editing, and their team has experience across a variety of genres. Prices vary depending on your needs, but you can get a quick quote on their website.

7. Kirkus Editorial

Famous for their book reviews, Kirkus Editorial also provides professional editing services. However, they only display pricing after you’ve entered details about your manuscript.

8. Pro Novel Editing

Specializing in fiction editing, Pro Novel Editing offers three types of editing services. Their comprehensive package costs around $0.037/word.

Each service has its strengths and pricing methods. It is essential to consider not only the cost but also the reputation, client testimonials, and the specific editing needs before deciding on a service. Also, remember, investing in professional book editing is a crucial part in the journey to publishing success.

9. The Book Butchers

The Book Butchers probably have the coolest brand around, but that’s not all – they’re known for ruthless, in-depth edits for when you need a lot more than simple typos or proofreading; when you need advanced editorial critique for long-form manuscripts. If you’re writing a book, they’re the right choice.

10. AI editing software

The truth is, AI tools like chatGPT are already a lot better than most proofreaders – which means you can save a ton of money. Try something simple like Quillbot to fix typos, or something complex like GhosttheWriter to reword your whole document into a unique literary style.

Check out this big list of best AI writing software.

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