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9 Powerful Book Publishing, Marketing and Promotion Tools for Authors who want to sell more books in 2011

In order to better serve our clients who are publishing or launching a book, we’ve been reviewing some Book Marketing and Promotion Tools. The following list are some of the products we’ve invested in recently, which we thought you may like as well. To clarify: we don’t care if you actually buy these products. But they will certainly help you be aware of the things you could be doing (and your competitors are doing) to sell more books. It is worth looking over their sales pages for the content – the topics, tricks and tips they say are important – which you can then search online for. You can find a great many free articles on how to go about implementing them on your own. The biggest advantage these packages and products have is that buying them will save you a great deal of time; you can spend that time implementing the strategies rather than continuing to search for how to sell more books.

Another thing you will learn immediately by visiting their websites is how to use selling techniques online: do you like the style of their webpage and sales letters? Hate it? Why? How does it make you feel? Don’t you get the sense, at the end of their sales pitch, that you really should be buying their product? That you somehow need it? That’s the power of persuasion. Internet marketers are not known for their good writing – you’ll probably find plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes on their sales pages. But what they do know about is the techniques that work, ie how to use words to get people to do what you want. You can use the same powerful techniques – sprinkled lightly into your website, amazon page, press release or even title and subtitle – to get people to buy lots and lots of your books.

And don’t fool yourself into thinking that you don’t care about selling: why are you writing a book anyway? In the hope that people will read it, and like it. But before they can, you need to convince them to pick you book over the hundreds of thousands of others – and that’s why learning sales or marketing techniques are so important for authors.

First, here are a handful of the free resources/webpages we routinely recommend to book authors looking to launch their book and make more sales: The Launch Coach is about generating a buzz/viral online campaign about your book. The Book Designer is indispensible in crafting a good looking, professional product. And the Book Market has hundreds of valuable tips on how to market and promote your books.




Although there are many other great online resources, you may find that buying a how-to guide with specific tips and action steps will save you time and money – if so, here are a few things that have some valuable ideas. None of these are a total solution: web popularity is a fickle phenomenon, best built on the foundations of dozens of separate strategies. The best thing to do is everything you can.

To that end, some of the following might be helpful for you:


Real Fast Book Marketing: “Sell 100 to 200 copies in less than 2 weeks! Do it again and again!” ($97)

John Kremer’s 10 million eyeballs book promotion course ($700)

John Kremer’s 15 thousand eyeballs book promotion minicourse ($50)


Magnetic Marketing ToolKit: Inside Secrets of Ultra-Successful Selling ($127)


How to Market Your eBook and Sell Online with… Ten Non Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online ($44.95)


LinkedIn Marketing – 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales ($24.95)
If you’ve found other resources that have helped you market, sell or promote your book, please share them in the comments below!

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