2014 Writing Contest Competition $1000 in prizes (for students and authors)


THIS CONTEST IS OVER – check back soon for the next.

We ran a writing contest a few years ago that was a lot of fun. We had a ton of high quality writing samples and submissions, and also learned a thing or two about running a writing competition. We’re ready to do it again, with bigger prizes, more involvement, and added benefits. We’ve also made it more fair by splitting it up into several categories.

Writing Contest Theme

For high school and university students

Writing prompt: “Good Writing is_________”

Suggested Topics: writing tips, strategies, how to write more, better, how to get creative, writing inspiration, etc. We want articles that are useful + informative + interesting. We like the use of quotes by famous writers. We like anecdotes, either historical or personal.

First prize: $250 cash + $250 in free editing (for your papers, applications, etc).

Second Prize: $100 cash + $100 in free editing (essays, etc.)

For published or aspiring authors

Writing prompt: “How to write a book.”

Suggested Topics: writing a book, literature, story and character development, your personal strategies for productivity, dealing with writer’s block, etc.

First Prize: Up to 50,000 words free editing ($900 value)

Second Prize: eBook Cover Design and Formatting from Creativindie ($679 value)

Third Prize: 1 Week Writer’s Vacation ($500 value)

Essay length 500~1500 words


We will post all the articles on this website as they come in (We will edit them for free, just to remove any typos, spelling or grammar issues, but leave the basic content and style as is.) If you’d like a link back to your personal site, so readers can find you, just tell us (may be useful for book promotion, or if you’re a freelance copy writer).

We’d also like to choose 10 to 20 of the best submissions and put them together in a book, which will be made available in print and ebook formats. If we pick yours we’ll give you bragging rights as a published author and an Amazon gift card.

Contest Deadline

The contest will be open until May 31st (2014). That’s a nice long period of time for you to think about and write your essays. Please copy and paste them into an email (rather than attaching a file), with your full name, city/country, age and category (author/student).

PS) We’re really flexible on the prizes – let us know what you hope to win and we’ll make sure you’re in the right category; switching from one prize to another will most likely be possible as well.

Send your submissions to: [email protected]  (make sure you put “writing contest” in the subject field).


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