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43 Great Blogs by Authors and Writers

The following is a list of 43 great author and writer blogs on the net. Find your favorite author on this list and see what they’re up to – or add your own link in the ‘comments’ section. Another great resource for author blogs and blogs by writers is the cool site, www.authorsblogs.com.

Great Author and Writer Blogs

  1. Alison Kent blog by Alison Kent
  2. Between the Lines by David Allen
  3. Beyond the Beyond by Bruce Sterling
  4. Blatherings by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
  5. Book Tour Virgin by Will Clarke
  6. Buzz, Balls and Hype by M.J. Rose
  7. Cabbages and Kings by PJ Parrish
  8. Carolyn’s Blog by Carolyn Jewel
  9. C.J. Barry’s Blog by C.J. Barry
  10. Contrary Brin by David Brin
  11. Craphound by Cory Doctorow
  12. Dave Barry’s Blog by Dave Barry
  13. Diary of a Mad Romance Author by Kathleen O’Reilly
  14. The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams
  15. Dispatches from Tanganyika by Poppy Z. Brite
  16. Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
  17. Greek Tragedy by Stephanie Klein
  18. GreggHurwitzWeblog by Gregg Hurwitz
  19. Gus Openshaw’s Whale-Killing Journal by Keith Thomson
  20. J-Walk Blog by John Walkenbach
  21. Krentz Quick & Castle Blog by Jayne Ann Krentz
  22. Lessig Blog by Lawrence Lessig
  23. LKH Blog by Laurell K. Hamilton
  24. Meg’s Diary by Meg Cabot
  25. Monica Jackson’s blog by Monica Jackson
  26. Neil Gaiman’s Journal by Neil Gaiman
  27. No rules. Just write by Brenda Coulter
  28. Novelesque: House of Sand and Blog by Douglas Clegg
  29. Paperback Writer by Lynn Viehl
  30. Patti O’Shea’s blog by Patti O’Shea
  31. PeterDavid.net by Peter David
  32. Pocket Full of Words by Holly Lisle
  33. Pop Culture Magazine by Bill Crider
  34. Searchblog by John Battelle
  35. Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin
  36. Slay Your Demons by Julie Kenner
  37. SnarkSpot by Jennifer Weiner
  38. Tess Gerritsen Blog by Tess Gerritsen
  39. Web Petals by Marjorie M. Liu
  40. Wil Wheaton Dot Net by Wil Wheaton
  41. Words For My Enjoyment by Paul Davidson
  42. A Writer’s Life by Lee Goldberg
  43. Writing Fiction by Crawford Kilia

Source: http://www.internetwritingjournal.com/authorblogs/

Did we miss one? Please post a comment and link to your favorite best author or writer blog.


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