The Paper Perfect Typo Hunt

Typo scavenger hunt: Cash prizes for careful readers!


Do you love books? Do you read all the time? If you’re like me, you go through a few books a week. But one thing that always bothers me, is when I’m wrapped up in the story and I find a typo. “Their” instead of “there,” or “its” instead of “it’s.” It’s little. It’s tiny. It doesn’t really matter… but I still feel cheated.

Isn’t this a best-selling book published by a reputable mainstream publisher? Don’t they hire editors and proofreaders?

We know it’s hard to catch everything, so let’s help them out!

Introducing the Typo Scavenger Hunt!

I’m going to build a section on this website dedicated to the typos readers have found in mainstream published books. For every typo you submit, you’ll get $5. Easy cash! You can use it to buy more books!

The rules:

It must be from a mainstream publisher
It should be less than 10 years old
If you submit multiple books, you get $5 per book
Maximum $25 per reader per month
You’ll need a PayPal account to get your cash

Also, just so I don’t bankrupt this company and leave the editors starving, I’ll set a cap of $250 a month (if we already have too many submissions, you can wait until the next month).

That’s 50 typos a month! We’ll be making the world a better place, and inspiring writers and editors everywhere to take a closer look at the text.


Got a Typo? Send it in!

Just tell us the book, author, the full sentence with the typo in it (don’t worry, we’ll see it), and your PayPal address. We’ll check the book at a library or contact the publisher to verify, then send you $5. If there’s more than one in a book, please send them all. We want to keep publishers on their toes. If you want more cash, find typos in other books as well.

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Click here to see what other careful readers have already found! (coming soon)

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