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You’ve got more important things to do than worry about typos. Let us help you communicate your ideas more effectively.

Our professional online copy editing service is quick, affordable and discreet. All of our copy editors have post-graduate degrees and are used to writing and editing research documents. Whatever your topic, you can be sure that we have an experienced editor capable of producing the results you need.

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Affordable services for your thesis, book or dissertation

The longer the paper, the easier it is for small errors and typos to sneak their way in. With our unique quantity-based discounts, you could be paying half the price for these longer documents as what you’d pay with other online English editing services.

Publish or Perish

Don’t worry, we know the drill. If you’re preparing a paper or article for publication, we can help you check the journals for their submission requirements and make sure the formatting and punctuation is right. Not to mention the fact that we’ll improve your paper and increase your chances of it getting accepted.

“I am a graduate student and the academic demands are intensifying. I noticed that my marks were starting to drop, and while hesitant, I knew I needed to look for an editor. So, I searched the web, and checked the cost. Since then, I have had seven papers edited by Paper Perfect. My editor’s work has been thorough, helpful and educational. My marks are back up. A good GPA opens the door to future grad schools and professional employment opportunities. Thanks for all the help.” – Sharon



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