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We are interested in working with authors whose books show promise and offer a valuable contribution in their fields or genres. Whether you’re self-publishing or planning to write a query letter that will hook an agent and lead to publishing deal, getting your book edited is a requirement, not a choice. 

As a writer, your English writing skills are already pretty good. So you don’t want to pay to have just anybody go through your book and fix the typos. You want constructive criticism. You want a review of the material, suggestions for rewrites and revision. You need an accomplished storyteller who’s able to see your vision and help you communicate it.

“I knew I needed an edit, but I never quite knew how much feedback I could get and put to use. It’s rather enlightening really. It was also nice to see a professional, critical point of view to help me think objectively.”Seph

We like to think of ourselves as publishing-partners or writing coaches. We will preserve your writing style, voice and vision while making your manuscript tighter and stronger. For non-fiction, we’ll help strengthen the organization, titles and headings, chapter transitions and the flow of the content.

For novels, we’ll pay attention to character motivation, scene description, plot events, hooks and twists, and flag issues that need resolving, like scenes that need to be cut or characters that are introduced but disappear.

Your work is fantastic. You have absolutely nailed the edit. It’s so easy to read. It’s so clear. You’ve managed to keep my authentic voice running throughout the draft. My goodness, you have serious talent. I’m so pleased I found you. Thank you for your work, your skill, your help, your time, your contribution  and energy. -Joanie


It’s not just about the book

Getting your book edited is just the first step in your publishing journey. While we can’t guarantee your book’s success, we love helping you get your book out there into the world.

Most of us have published our own books, worked closely in the publishing industry, or done graduate level work in literature. We know our way around Smashwords, Kindle, CreateSpace, Lulu and Lightning Source. If you have any questions about publishing, from ebook conversion to guerrilla marketing, somebody on our team can help.

What you get from us:

Unparalleled, comprehensive editing and proofreading services
Line editing
Constructive criticism and review of content
Manuscript organization
Personalized suggestions and comments to help you improve your writing
Guidance and coaching for your publishing journey

Final Proofreading

We organized PaperPerfect’s editing process around the assumption that most authors can only afford to pay for one round of editing, so we wanted to make sure we offered the most valuable all-inclusive service we could.

However we also realize that most books need a “final check” after being laid out for print, to ensure against typos, spacing and formatting issues. Our editors will be happy to provide this extra round if you need it, and can give you a price quote for a final proofread after the initial editing (it will probably cost around 1/2 of our standard prices, but this depends on the editor, and the project).

And Don’t Forget Our Standard Bonuses 

Up to 5% of your original document can be sent in for round 2

Sometimes a certain section of your document will need to be revised based on our comments or questions. We understand that you’ll want us to recheck the rewritten content to make sure it’s perfect. Just send back the new version and tell your editor what you need.

Quantity discounts for longer texts

Although our price (3 cents per word) is already low for the value we offer, most books will qualify for our maximum quantity discount, which is 40% off. We can’t keep this up much longer, since we’re already getting as much work as we can handle, and will reducing it to 20% pretty soon.

More choices, more control

We’ve created a special workflow for our author clients: if you send us a sample (you can upload a particular section, or the whole manuscript), we’ll select the editors who have the most experience in your genre or field, and they will edit about 5 pages for free.

You’ll receive several different sample edits, so you can choose the editor that you feel is best for your project. We feel this is the smartest way to make sure your manuscript gets in the hands of the right person.

“All I could have asked for was provided. For an extremely reasonable price, the editor read through my work and provided me with invaluable comments that will allow me to refine and improve upon my novel in order to deliver a superior final product.” -Emil

Get to know us!

Send us a sample of your writing and tell us about your project and publishing goals. You can get to know the editors and ask any questions you might have. Once you feel comfortable working with us, you can choose an editor and pay through the site, or we can send you an invoice by email. If you can’t afford to pay all at once, we can break it up into a few payments over several months. Most book projects will take between 2 to 4 weeks to finish.



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