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Here are some things you can do to lower your overall word count and save some money.

50 words off. Tweet about us! You can use one of these or write your own.

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50 words off. Share our link from your Facebook Page (you can use the messages above).

100 words off. How’d we do? Write a review or feedback for us. You can subtract the 150 ahead of time if you write a review when we’re done, or save it for next time. You can use this page:

150 words off. Research and write a 500 word article we can post to our blog. It should be on a topic related to writing, editing, publishing, language and literature, blogging tactics, education or something else tied to the theme of “using words effectively.”

250 words off. Got a website or blog with a PR3 or more? Add a text link to our site!

How’s it work?

Some of these things you can do right away (like Tweet). For the rest of them, just subtract the discount and list the things you’re working on when you submit your document. We’ll trust you to finish the rest before we return your document to you (for the testimonial, we’ll send your paper back first so you can give honest feedback).

We’re not too picky, just try your best.

Maximum 600 words off per project.

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