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How to write a perfect job inquiry letter

Here at PaperPerfect, we often get letters asking whether or not we are hiring freelance editors; many of them are just quick memos – to which we inevitably reply that we have a full staff already. However, the following letter caught my attention for being extremely professional, benefits-driven, and engaging. For anyone job-seeking or trying […]

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Ebook writing and editing services

So you’ve got a great idea for an ebook – you’d like to put it up online, charge a few bucks for each copy sold and sell a million copies. Brilliant! While it may not be quite that successful, getting an ebook campaign going is a good way to boost a companion business, or make […]

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How to write a Literature Review for your Thesis or Dissertation

When I first started my MA, I didn’t see the point of a literature review. “My topic and research is entirely innovative – nobody else has said anything like it, why should I include sources?” I told my professors. Since then, I’ve learned that the difference between writing your opinion and writing a research paper […]

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