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How to Begin Your Book

As a writer you are probably thinking about starting a book. There are many reasons for writing a book and as many reasons for procrastinating. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Your Idea Before you begin your book try to flesh out your idea by writing an outline. The outline will […]

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How to Get Started with Self-Publishing

How to Begin Self Publishing With the advent of the computer and the internet the whole process of getting a book published has been drastically altered. With access to the computer and internet going through the traditional channels of a publishing company and agent has become nonessential to becoming a published author. With the modern […]

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Helpful ways to overcome writer’s block

Writer’s Block Anyone who has written for a significant length of time is familiar with the dreaded term ‘writer’s block.’ Just the words writer’s block conjure up feelings of fear, self loathing, and inadequacy in writer’s  minds. For those who write for a living, writer’s block can be especially dreadful, as it may mean forgoing […]

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Do you make these common and embarrassing English grammar mistakes?

The most beautiful piece of prose ever can be created and presented, but it will not be appreciated or create the effect that it should if it is crawling with grammar mistakes. Grammar mistakes decrease the legitimacy and impact that any piece of writing may have. Using proper grammar demonstrates class as well as authority. […]

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